20 May 2022

Our Aims

Our aim is to provide your child with a happy, secure and caring atmosphere to assist and encourage your child in all aspects of their development through adopting the Early Years Foundation Stage syllabus.

Your child will be treated as an individual, with their own needs and we feel that we have the right environment to increase and further develop your child's language, literacy, personal, social and numeric skills.

We regularly receive complimentary comments from parents saying what a difference it has made to their child and how they have seen them progress at our nursery.

We believe that having created the right environment and by using qualified and experienced nursery staff, all of the ingredients are in place to help your child develop in preparation for their time at "Big school".

Our team of staff will help maximise the education of your child during their rapidly developing early years.

Our team of staff will ensure that your child will feel included, secure and valued to maximize their enjoyment of life at our nursery.

We recognise that early years experiences should build upon your child's existing knowledge and areas of competence.

We believe in working in partnership with you, the parent, to maximise your child's development whilst in our care.

We structure our early years curriculum to maximize it's effectiveness for your child.

Your child will be encouraged to engage in both the activities our staff plan for them as well as those that they initiate for themselves.

Our experienced staff will observe and respond appropriately to your child's needs.

Our planning and organisation allows your child to have rich and stimulating experiences within our learning environment.

We believe that we have a duty to provide high quality care and education to your child during their time with us.