20 May 2022

Our Facilities

We are fortunate to own our 1900's school like premises which are situated in a quiet residential area, away from any main "A" roads and railway tracks.

We prefer a large open plan floor area divided into designated play and learning areas by the use of low level walls.

Being open plan, our nursery manager and staff can see at all times what is going on in the nursery. This helps us to ensure that your child is encouraged to participate in all activities.

We have lots of equipment and resources for your child to use. Your child will have access to our outside play area. For security reasons, this area is protected by a fence and an outside lockable gate and as you would expect, a member of staff supervises the outside play activities.

We are fortunate to have both an outside grassed area for your child to play on as well as an undercover play area, so even when our great British weather prevents your child from playing on the grassed area, they will still be outside in the undercover area, which hosts various play equipment as well as a ball park - allowing your child to get out in the fresh air and let off some steam all year round!

For your convenience, we have our own car park situated at the front of the premises.

We also have our own kitchen facilities where all meals are freshly made each day.

The safety of your child whilst in our care is of paramount importance to us.

To gain access to our nursery, you will have to come through our main doors which have an intercom and key code system. This ensures that only authorised persons may gain entry.

If someone other than yourself is to collect your child, we have a set procedure for this which includes the use of a special password as well as a collection book being signed by yourself and the adult collecting your child.

We also ask that you sign our time sheets when entering and leaving the nursery.

Our outside play area is fenced off and has a locked gate preventing access from the front of our premises.

Your child will not have access to our kitchen, which is a totally separate area to the main hall.

Each term we have a different topic which we will make you aware of, as you may wish to discuss this with your child at home.

The topic is then supported by planning various activities which support the areas of learning included within the Early Years Foundation Syllabus". We like to think that we go that bit further than just complying with the syllabus.

All of the topic and activity planning sheets are available for you to look at and are set out to give your child as many fun experiences as possible within the learning environment.

For structured play activities, your child will be in a small group of no more than five children, which will be of a similar age and ability. By splitting into small groups, it helps our staff to observe and assess your child and to concentrate on any areas they feel will develop your child to attain their personal best.