2 July 2022

Our Staff

The Children Act states that there must be 1 member of staff to 4 children aged between 2 and 3 years and 1 member of staff to 8 children aged between 3 and 5 years. We normally offer a smaller staff/child ratio than the statutory requirements; this enables us to spend more time with your child. We do not adopt the "more the merrier" approach as we feel that this dilutes the care and attention we can give to your child.

Our staff will work in partnership with you and your family to support the positive development of your child.

All our staff are qualified to level 3 in child care and have at least 18 months experience and are CRB checked. Each member of staff takes part in regular top-up training courses each year, both within their specialised areas and in areas such as Equal opportunities, First aid, Child Protection, Food Hygiene and Safety.

All our staff have a warm nature and posses both the ability and motivation to bring out the best in your child. We employ our staff on a full time basis enabling us to ensure continuity of care for your child. We pride ourselves on our low turnover, which is a factor in us being able to provide high quality childcare and education to your child.